Ag-Barrier a superior replacement for poly under roofs and above drop ceilings

Ag Barrier™ In new construction used as an upgrade over Tri-Ply as a ceiling material or house wrap blocks 95% of radiant heat from entering your confinement area.

Having a proper Radiant Barrier surrounding your confinement area will buy you more time during power failures because the heat load traditionally being stored in your building can’t pass thru even when your fans stop blowing.

The Black Globe Effect is a real scientific proven phenomenon.  Your animals will be more comfortable,

The DOE has shown a 50% improvement using Radiant Barrier with traditional insulation.

Ag Barrier will give you one more line of defense as your other forms of insulation starts to fail due to condensation, dusting, beetles and, compression.

Ag Barrier installs just like other materials being used so there are no added labor expenses.

Ag Barrier cost about the same as other ceiling material so your getting an added benefit at no extra cost.

Your growers will have an added advantage in the market since your farmers can save up to 50% on cooling and heating expenses.