Ag Barrier Market Crawlspace Insulation

SMART-BARRIER®: The Best Insulation System for Crawlspaces and Masonry Walls

Crawlspaces and masonry walls may not be visible under normal circumstances, but these areas are just as important to insulate as everywhere else in your home or building. Without effective, airtight insulation, crawlspaces and masonry walls are more vulnerable to mold and mildew. Your building’s temperature will also fluctuate more in warm and cold weather, and the air quality will be lower. To avoid these unwanted conditions, it is essential for home and business owners to effectively insulate their crawlspaces and masonry walls.

When selecting the best insulation for your crawlspaces or masonry walls, it is necessary to consider both R-values and Reflectivity. R-values are a measure of the insulation’s thermal resistance, so it is important to select insulation for crawlspaces and masonry walls with a high R-value, typically between R-12 to R-21. Insulation with a high R-value is also more effective at preventing buildup of moisture that can lead to eventual structural damage in a building.

Reflectivity is a measure of how effectively insulation prevents the radiation of heat. Reflectivity is a separate measurement from R-value and is used to describe the thermal properties of radiant barrier insulation. Radiant barrier insulation has high reflectivity of up to 99%, but unlike traditional insulation, radiant barrier products do not have an R-value measurement.

The ideal insulation for masonry walls and crawlspaces should provide both high R-Values and reflectivity. The SMART-BARRIER® Masonry Walls Insulation System by Ag Barrier combines two types of insulation to provide an insulated vapor barrier system to address the needs of the hard-to-reach spaces in your home or building.

The SMART-BARRIER Masonry Walls Insulation System features two layers of patented Ag Barrier® white and foil product encapsulating 2”, 3”, 4” or 6” of traditional fiberglass batting for R-values ranging from R-12 to R-21. The Ag Barrier provides a 97% reflective radiant barrier while also acting as a vapor barrier and moisture barrier. By combining insulation with high R-values and high reflectivity, the SMART-BARRIER Masonry Walls Insulation System provides unmatched thermal performance and prevents the buildup of moisture, mildew, and mold. It comes with a lifetime warranty and can be quickly and easily installed by a contractor or homeowner.

SMART-BARRIER® System Benefits

  • Moisture and vapor barrier
  • Ag Barrier laminated to traditional fiberglass batting delivers the best combination of thermal performance
  • High R-values ranging from R-12 to R-21
  • 97-99% reflective Ag Barrier radiant barrier
  • Resistant to rodents and other pests
  • Release tab tape strips for fast, easy install for contractors or DIYers
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty

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