Ag Barrier Market Hogs

Applying Ag-Barrier In Hog Barns

Millions of Square Feet of Ag Barrier have been installed into Hog Barns. Installing perforated Ag Barrier under the metal roof has prevented condensation under the metal. Hog Barn owners are reporting up to 60 degree temperature reductions in the summer and saved prophane during the winter months. Applying Ag Barrier over the metal drop ceiling has been helpful in reducing condensation and improving the thermal performance of the Hog House. Most Hog House owners have seen their traditional insulation fail. The fiberglass begins to compress, the foam starts to flake, and the beetles start to ravage the rest of the existing insulation. These are natural occurrences. They happen due to moisture accumulation, condensation, dusting, and just insect breeding. Ag-Barrier will give you one more line of defense as your other forms of insulation starts to fail. Ag-Barrier doesn’t face the same issues as traditional insulation. Beetles can’t penetrate it, humidity doesn’t accumulate around it, and condensation rarely becomes an issue with it.

Another issue the agriculture market faces is power outages. This is just something that can’t be foreseen but causes severe complications. Having a proper Radiant Barrier surrounding your confinement area will buy you more time during power failures because the heat load traditionally being stored in your building can’t pass through even when your fans stop blowing.

Ag Barrier® Insulation Benefits

  • Thickest and strongest radiant barrier product on the market
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Less expensive than other insulating products
  • Advantages over traditional Tri-Ply ceiling material
  • Available in perforated or solid
  • Improves performance of other forms of insulation when combined with traditional insulation. The DOE has shown a 50% improvement using Radiant Barrier with traditional insulation
  • Helps maintain building temperature during power failures
  • Acts as a vapor barrier
  • Resistant to rodents and other pests

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