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Reduce Heat Stress and Save Energy with Ag Barrier® Poultry Barn Ceiling Material

Many people in the poultry business recognize a growing problem – the heat in their warehouses and pole barns impacting the health and weight gain of chickens and turkeys. This is an increasing epidemic commonly known as the “black-globe effect.” Combatting this problem can become very expensive. Innovative Insulation Inc. saw the need for a lower-costing, highly effective insulation alternative to combat the issues people in the poultry business face with controlling temperatures.

Super R® Plus Ag Barrier® is a product designed for agriculture use in poultry barns. It is a money-saving insulation alternative for the agriculture industry. It is composed of aluminum and polyethylene to form a superior product unlike any other in the agriculture market.

Studies done at the University of Iowa show that with the elimination of the “black-globe effect” using reflective metalized film insulation (Ag Barrier), many improvements are immediately apparent. For poultry, broiler houses experienced a much-improved feed conversion. The only notable change made was the addition of reflective metal building insulation. So, with the same amount of feed, birds are gaining more weight and experiencing better health.

Ag Barrier insulation works by reflecting 95% of radiation back to its source. It is easy to install and provides remarkable energy savings, reducing indoor temperatures in summer by up to sixty degrees. Ag Barrier’s reflective properties also help poultry buildings conserve heat in winter. Due to increased energy efficiency, Ag Barrier can help farmers save up to 50% on cooling and heating expenses. Ag Barrier can be combined with traditional insulation and used to improve the existing insulation’s efficiency.

Ag Barrier® Insulation Benefits

  • Thickest and strongest radiant barrier product on the market
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Less expensive than other insulating products
  • Advantages over traditional Tri-Ply ceiling material
  • Available in perforated or solid
  • Improves performance of other forms of insulation when combined with traditional insulation. The DOE has shown a 50% improvement using Radiant Barrier with traditional insulation
  • Helps maintain building temperature during power failures
  • Acts as a vapor barrier
  • Resistant to rodents and other pests

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