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What is the Best Insulation for My Crawlspace and Masonry Walls?

The best insulation will protect against moisture, heat, and cold. Additionally, the best insulation lasts long, is easy to install, and requires little to no maintenance. Fortunately, the SMART-BARRIER Masonry Walls Insulation System is an insulated vapor barrier system perfect for your crawl space, basement, and masonry walls. Our product features 2 layers of our patented AgBarrier white and foil product encapsulating 2”, 3”, 4”, or 6” of traditional fiberglass batting for R-Values ranging from an R-12 to an R-21. AgBarrier is power washable facing, and provides a lifetime warranted moisture barrier, vapor barrier and 97% reflective radiant barrier.  The AgBarrier is laminated to traditional proven fiberglass batting which delivers the best combination of thermal performance. This performance keeps unwanted moisture and temperatures from invading your living or working space. The SMART-BARRIER system is designed for the contractor and do it yourselfers for an easy and quick install method.


About the Smart Barrier® Masonry Wall Insulation System

The Smart-Barrier system comes with 2 layers of 52” wide AgBarrier facing material with 48” of traditional fiberglass batting laminated in between the two layers of the AgBarrier. The SMART-BARRIER system includes 2” tabs on each side with release tab tape strips on each side for easy install.  The tape strips allow for sealing the ends of the system. Rather than have a one size fits all R-Value product you can order different R-Values to your needs.

What is a Good R-Value for Exterior Walls?

R-Value measures the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. Our product is perfect for basements and crawl spaces because the R-12 to R-21 rating prevents moisture trapping. This prevention lowers mold while increasing air quality. The Smart-Barrier Wall Insulation System provides enough room for your room to breathe while avoiding the accumulation of water vapors, heat, and cold.

Why is Reflectivity Important?

Energy moves 3 different ways in buildings. R-Value addresses conductivity and convection but does not address radiation. Buildings’ heat loss and heat gain can be as much as 73% to 93%. The Smart System addresses Radiant by reflecting 97% of the radiant energy back to its source. The Florida Solar project showed that adding a Radiant Barrier to your insulation envelope improves performance by 50%. The Smart-Barrier system has 2ea 95% reflective layers providing up to 99% reflectivity.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency with the Smart-Barrier Wall Insulation System

Order the SMART-BARRIER and provide your home with energy efficiency, cleaner air, and water protection.

Insul-Barrier Wall System Results
Property Test Method Imperial
Color (front/back) N/A WHITE/SILVER
Weight N/A 10 LBS. / 100 SQ. FT.
R-Value Performance (MATERIAL) ASTM C 1371 R 10 to R21
R-Value Performance (WALL SYSTEM) ASTM C 1371 R12 to R 23
Smoke Devoped Index ASTM E 84 20 SDI (CLASS A)
Maximum use temperature N/A 180° F
Minimum use temperature N/A -60° F
Water vapor permeance ASTM E 96 / 154 SEC. 7 .002 PERMS (CLASS A)