Jason Whitmore

Bridgeport Corporation

This is Bridgeports third year working with Innovative Insulation. We started off using their bubble product. Then the last two years we seen the value of their AG Barrier. As of to date we currently have three million square foot installed. We are finding out that AG Barrier is out performing the bubble. So much easier to install, half the cost and giving a much more radiant barrier. Everyone that has used the AG Barrier loves the results they are seeing. We are getting readings of forty to sixty degree attic temps cooler in the summer months.

Bridgport currently has a customer that is a firm believer in the AG Barrier that has decided to now use it to line their ceilings.
In the Midwest like most everyone uses a poly barrier to line their ceilings. We have found that using AG Barrier does not trap moisture in the ceiling or your roofs. Saving you tons of LP. So with this being said Bridgeport is a proud supporter of AG Barrier and what it brings to the ag industry, including its’ lifetime warranty which no other insulation carries a lifetime warranty.