Roger Shocklee

Lumberyard owner, poultry house builder and contract grower for Perdue Farms

“I built four poultry houses in 2006. Two were steel Kennedy houses and two were 40’X500’ Pole Barns with 5’ dead centers. In the 40’X500’ Wood Houses I used bubble radiant barrier in the walls and under the roof. Still had fiberglass insulation over the tri-ply drop ceiling. While the houses with the bubble insulation were cooler in the summer, the biggest improvement I saw was related to air filtration. It was much easier to control air flow and could throw air from the right place. The bubble radiant barrier really sealed up my houses. Darkling Beatles destroyed the fiberglass insulation and pretty much turned it into powder, but did not bother the bubble insulation. The bubble radiant barrier still looks new ten years after install. In my opinion as a builder and a grower fiberglass insulation has no place in a poultry house. It is easy to tell that the chickens in the houses with the bubble radiant barrier feel better even when the temperatures are the same. When I’m in the barn, I personally can tell a difference as well.”