Why Use Premium Stiff Bubble Insulation with Tabs Over Standard Bubble Insulation?

My name is Perry Faulk Sr, I am the Agricultural Specialist for Innovative Insulation.  I travel quite a bit across the country meeting customers and occasionally observing contractors installing our Bubble Insulation. We offer different versions of bubble insulations to fill different needs in the market. The two most common versions of bubble we see in the market is 48” wide single bubble insulation and 48” width double bubble insulation. What most end users do not know is the reflectivity of single bubble and double bubble are the same at 97% reflectivity. The R-Values are similar as well because R-Values are achieved by how much trapped air you achieve in between the bubble and the outside surface of the building. When customers order Single Bubble its usually because they just want the cheapest Bubble Insulation available.  When customers buy Double Bubble insulation, they usually want the best product available or they want stiffer Bubble than the Single Bubble insulation. Since Double Bubble insulation has two layers of Bubble Insulation it can be twice as stiff. It is quite a bit more costly as well.

 A few years ago, I was observing a contractor’s crew install bubble insulation in a pole barn being using as an animal confinement barn. I noticed the install was going quite slow because the Single Bubble insulation was flimsy, and it was 48” wide. The Trusses were 48” dead center which meant they didn’t have a whole lot of material to use to attach the bubble to the trusses. They had about ½” on each side of the bubble to use for attachment points. Plus, the bubble being a bit flimsy added to the difficulty the crew had when working with the material.  I was talking to the owner at the time and we were discussing ways to make the install go quicker. The Contractor suggested we make the product stiffer and put 3” tabs on each side of the bubble. When I got back to our plant, I talked with our production people and discussed if we could make a stiff Single Bubble Insulation with tabs and we decided we could.

A few months later Innovative Insulation Inc. introduces our unique “Premium Stiff Speed Tab Bubble Insulation“.

Premium Stiff Speed Tab Bubble Insulation was developed with both the pole barn end user and installer in mind.

The Premium stiff Bubble insulation addresses that most trusses in the rafters of pole barns are at 48″ dead centers.  Premium Stiff Speed Tab Bubble Insulation with Speed Tabs is twice as stiff as other bubble insulation and has 3″ clear wings on each side for a quick Install method saving labor cost. Just push the Bubble Insulation between from under the rafters and quickly staple in place. No taping necessary. The added benefit with going with a single bubble stiff material is a more economical bubble insulation that has similar cost of traditional single bubble insulation. 

Premium Bubble Insulation saves cost of material and saves a tremendous amount of labor as well. An Extra benefit is it is a better-looking product as it is smoother and has a better finish.

Kind Regards

Perry Faulk Sr.

Executive Director

Innovative Insulation Inc